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Aren't we a couple of swells

Hello everyone!
I’m awfully excited to meet you all! Naturally I would like to introduce myself properly. My name is Judy Garland. I want to be a big star someday. I’ve just started to do some pictures with MGM. I’ve been with them for a year now, but haven’t really done much beyond radio. But now they’ve finally gotten me in a picture. I’m frankly thrilled with my role in "Broadway Melody of 1938." In it I portray Sophie Tucker's daughter. The reason I like it so much is because I’m given an opportunity to show my stuff. I sing, dance - and act. I’m so thrilled I can hardly contain myself.

So enough about that…let me tell you some of my interests.

I love going to movies and see as many as Mother will let me. I like parties, too, and we have a lot of them at home. Most of my friends used to be in vaudeville, too, and when we have parties they all get up and put on their acts and it's grand fun. I don't care for dances very much, though, because I think parties where you play games and do things are much more fun.

Ping pong is my idea of a swell game. I'm the champion ping pong player at my house and pretty soon we're going to get up a ping pong tournament, so I'm practicing all the time that I can.

Golf and riding and swimming are my favorite sports, and I'm crazy about baseball. I love going to baseball games and I generally cheer myself hoarse whenever anyone makes a home run.

I don't know if you have the same craze for roller coasters that I have. They scare me to death, but I love them. Whenever I can get someone to go down to the amusement pier with me, I spend most of the time on the roller coaster. Once my hat flew off, but fortunately the boy in back of me got hold of it as it soared over him. I hold on to the handrail so tightly that I wouldn't let go no matter what happened.

Well, I must go back on the set now, so I'll have to close this letter, but I want to tell you how much I enjoyed writing it and I do hope I hear from you in return.

Judy Garland
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