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This is a community for classic actor and actress role play. Come and join as your favorite classic film star. Since this is a new community, most of your favorite stars are still available! The timeframe of the RPG is between the 1920's through the early 1960's.



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Hello guys and dolls! [18 Jul 2006|10:16pm]

Ava Gardner here, just swinging by to give a big hello. Would love to chat and see some friends of mine. What's that cliche term again? Oh yes "let's have a drink!"

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Hello! [30 Mar 2006|04:21pm]

Hi everyone,
My name is Edith Sedgwick, But everyone calls Me Edie. I'm not really famous but I will be, I'm modeling right now, but I want to be an actress. Right now I live in Cambridge and I'm taking classes at Harvard, mostly art classes.
I'm really social, so I want to met all of you!
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Introducing me, Ann-Margret. Hi everyone! [15 Mar 2006|08:32pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone!

My name is Ann-Margret Olsson. Just reply to me as Ann-Margret since I dropped my last name from my business name. Right now it is the Fall of 1960 and I just signed with manager, Pierre Cossette. Last summer I kept busy by going over to Germany with the USO and performed for our great troops. I also joined the trio "The Suttletones" and went on the road with them for a while.

With my new manager I am hoping to do all the things I have dreamed of as a young girl. He says he has a lot of ideas to get my career going. Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing about what is going on in my life with all of you and making some great new friends.

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Greatings from Shirley! [15 Feb 2006|12:53am]


I'm Shirley Jones and I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm so excited because I've been under contract with Rodgers and Hammerstein and the other day my agent called and said, "Hello, Laurey!" So you'll be seeing me in my first feature film musical of Oklahoma! soon! Well, since I'm so excited I must go but, see you all around okay?

~Shirley Jones
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Greetings [01 Feb 2006|05:59pm]

Hello to you all. I'm Mary Louise Brooks. I have just been in and out of town lately, but my first film should be starting underway, The Street of Forgotten Men, with a newly signed contract with Paramount. I just came from New York from playing in the Summer Follies with Zeigfeld, which I might say was interesting. I have just finished reading the book Beggars of Life, by James Tully. Have any of you read it?

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Audrey Hepburn [25 Jan 2006|04:44pm]

Good Afternoon everyone, I am Audrey Kathleen Hepburn. I have played a few small roles, my latest one is playing Melissa Walter in Nous irons à Monte Carlo. I don't see many familiar faces, I however hope that changes soon! I would adore making new friends here in Hollywood.
You can find me at audreykathleen .
As Always,
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Greetings [13 Jan 2006|06:40pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello Everyone,

I was looking through some of the Hollywood Communities, and thought this one was quite refreshing. I mean, it's like I've always said: there was more good acting at Hollywood parties than ever appeared on the screen.

So I thought I'd come and do some good acting.

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Hello! [09 Jan 2006|09:39pm]

Hello all,

I would just like to introduce myself, Edna Purviance. I see some familiar faces here (Hi Charlie!). Well, I look forward to meeting and befriending the rest of you. Talk to you all soon


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Aren't we a couple of swells [18 Dec 2005|12:01am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello everyone!
I’m awfully excited to meet you all! Naturally I would like to introduce myself properly. My name is Judy Garland. I want to be a big star someday. I’ve just started to do some pictures with MGM. I’ve been with them for a year now, but haven’t really done much beyond radio. But now they’ve finally gotten me in a picture. I’m frankly thrilled with my role in "Broadway Melody of 1938." In it I portray Sophie Tucker's daughter. The reason I like it so much is because I’m given an opportunity to show my stuff. I sing, dance - and act. I’m so thrilled I can hardly contain myself.

So enough about that…let me tell you some of my interests.

I love going to movies and see as many as Mother will let me. I like parties, too, and we have a lot of them at home. Most of my friends used to be in vaudeville, too, and when we have parties they all get up and put on their acts and it's grand fun. I don't care for dances very much, though, because I think parties where you play games and do things are much more fun.

Ping pong is my idea of a swell game. I'm the champion ping pong player at my house and pretty soon we're going to get up a ping pong tournament, so I'm practicing all the time that I can.

Golf and riding and swimming are my favorite sports, and I'm crazy about baseball. I love going to baseball games and I generally cheer myself hoarse whenever anyone makes a home run.

I don't know if you have the same craze for roller coasters that I have. They scare me to death, but I love them. Whenever I can get someone to go down to the amusement pier with me, I spend most of the time on the roller coaster. Once my hat flew off, but fortunately the boy in back of me got hold of it as it soared over him. I hold on to the handrail so tightly that I wouldn't let go no matter what happened.

Well, I must go back on the set now, so I'll have to close this letter, but I want to tell you how much I enjoyed writing it and I do hope I hear from you in return.

Judy Garland

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[15 Dec 2005|07:41pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello one and all--!

Feeling a tad schizophrenic lately, as it seems "I" have introduced myself here once already. But, this time, I assure you I'm here to stay, and would, in fact, like to echo some of my former self's statements in saying what a pleasure it is to see so many familiar and friendly faces here.

I'm sure all of you know me in one way or another already, some better than others, some very well. That being said, I'd like to give a nod to Orson, fellow director extraordinaire (I flip my hat to you), and Harpo, silent comrade (use of the word "comrade" not meant in *any* Marxist fashion other than of the Marx-brothers variety). And, last but not least, Miss Pickford, how wonderful to see you... How are you? Doug has been asking about you lately... how is your husband doing?

And, I have a special message for Theda: Edna and I recently finished my burlesque on "Carmen." I wonder what you thought of it? Not too irreverent, I hope? Fun to see you here as well.

Also, for Alla: still going strong on the stage, no doubt? Let me know if you're having any grand get-togethers at your estate in the near future.

Funny thing: I'm posting here instead of enjoying my first night as husband to Mildred Harris. Some of you know her from around town... Why, you ask, then, am I here? I just can't seem to sleep. My mind keeps racing.

At that, I suppose that I must conclude my somewhat rambling introduction. I'm excited to have such an outlet for comradery and conversation...!

My best to all,

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[16 Dec 2005|12:39pm]

Gosh, there's sure alot of us here for such a small place! Why, I didn't even know Gene could handle one of these things between all those rehersals for his picture!

Oh, pardon me for not introducing myself - I'm Donald O'Connor, but please, call me Donald. My friends do, but I won't tell you Judy's nickname for me! This looks like a real swell place, what with all these lovely ladies here...but no Peggy! Oh well, she's probally got enough on her hands with those two kids of hers - she told me last week that she caught one of them trying to run up the wall! It makes me feel awful good to know that I've had a positive effect on children everywhere. *wink*

Well I hope I'll be able to stick around here - I see plenty of familar faces, some I haven't seen for years! Bing, you were just swell in your last picture, but we'll have to do another one together soon!
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[15 Dec 2005|08:06pm]

Hello Everyone! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to introduce myself to you beautiful people. I see a lot of my idols around, it's almost over welming... ;) Just wanted to stop by and say Hello- I can't wait to get to know you all better!
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[04 Dec 2005|04:01pm]

Hey everyone! My name is Shirley, but you probably already knew that. I see a few castmates, and big sisters here so this is really cool! I should have great fun being on here. I hope to get to know the rest of you soon. I am sure I will. I have a screenname its shirleyscurls56 yes 56 stands for all of the curls that they make for every movie. *gigles*. Anyways, hope to talk to you all soon!!
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[04 Dec 2005|08:35am]

Ciao gli individui e le bambole (That's Italian for: Hey all you guys and dolls)! I'm Dean Martin and I just joined up here, pleased to meet you. You may have seen me a at a club, in a movie here and there, or heard a song or two of mine. Or, maybe you've never heard of me, in which case you'll be required to leave your address with me so I can send you a copy of my next record ;) . Feel free to stop by my journal anytime. We'll have fun, I promise :) .

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[02 Dec 2005|03:30pm]

Hello everybody,
I wanna thank you for letting me join your club. My name is Shirley Temple. I have been in a few bay burlesk and frolics of youth pictures but someday I'd like to be a pilot like Amelia Earhart. My mommy always puts my hair up in 56 pin curls because that's how many it takes to look your best and you should always look your best in pictures! I better go now, my 2 brothers are calling for me. Good bye.

All my love,
Shirley Temple
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[29 Nov 2005|07:18am]

Hello all, I'm ever so glad to meet you. My name is Marilyn Monroe and I'm going to be a movie star. I've had a few bit parts already, I'm just waiting for that one role to make me. It's taken me a long time to get here but, who knows, maybe some day I'll be as big as Jean Harlow! Oh, I do wish I could be.

Well, it's been a very nice experience to pop in and say hello to you all. Do drop by at my journal if you so wish, and friending me would be absolutely marvellous!
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[28 Nov 2005|07:25pm]

Hello everyone! I'm Bing and I'm very glad to be here. Whether or not you've heard of me is fine, I hope to get to know many of you through this. Well, I thought I'd just drop in and give my introduction, I must be leaving now as I have to meet Bob Hope for dinner, and I don't want to keep old ski-snoot waiting, haha!
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[21 Nov 2005|06:23pm]

How do you do!

"However remiss the prosecutor has been in complimenting me, he at least admits that I have brains!"

...and for more than fifty years, I used them in the plying of the greatest art form yet known to humankind, the art of making motion pictures. I am immensely pleased that so many of my colleagues have seen their way to this place, and am anxious to renew some very long lost contacts and friendships.

There is, of course, my former partner and co founder of United Artists, Miss Mary Pickford. I have always been enthralled with your work since the time I had caught you in "Stella Maris". There is also the very talented (not to mention, almost as egotistical as I am!) Orson Welles. The above live is from one of my favourite films I have starred in, "Monsieur Verdoux" - A film I was so hoping Mr. Welles would direct for me! He probably had the idea how much of a pain in the arse I am to direct, and therefore declined.

I also see that Theda, Alla, Greta, and the incomparable Harpo is here as well, along with many other of my worthy fellow artists! I say a fond howd'yodo to all of you, and my profound gratitude to our esteemed hosts for making this place possible.

I ever remain your friend, little in stature but hopefully tall in the hearts of my beloved fans and colleagues,


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[20 Nov 2005|02:03am]

I'd like to say good evening, I'm Jimmy Stewart. Whether you've heard of me or not is fine with me, I'd greatly enjoy the company of any of you at any time. I look forward to what the future may hold for us all. I hope I can work with some of you in the future.
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[19 Nov 2005|05:07pm]

Hello to all. I hope you don't mind me be straightforward. My name is Greta and I'm currently on my way to Hollywood for my first American feature. I just wanted to drop in and greet you all. Here's to meeting new friendly faces in this town.
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